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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Heney Keur Plays Race Card 

Dateline - Baltimore

His Royalness, Duke of Ellington, Count Of Bassie, Earl Of Hines, Milk Of Cow--of Magnesia--Heney Keur (hey, don't knock it; it was the Queen's doing) has been officially accused by the British Media (read: trashy tabloids) of playing the "race card."

Yes, it seems that Heney was photographed at Pamlico Park over the weekend, betting on the Preakness Stakes (read: horse race). While it is true that the only race of horses there were thoroughbreds, Heney was not alone in playing his race card in search of a quick buck. However, when all was said and done, apparently Heney had some of those old McDonald's game pieces that he was scratching and matching.

While Heney did not win anything at the track that day, he did happen to get a match for a free order of small fries. At least all was not lost.

Heney (in red cap) preparing to place his bet.

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