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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Snooze Exclusive - The Real Bush Service Record Memo! 

Dateline - Rock, MI

Much has been made of the "Bush Service Record" Memo. As we all know, it is a proven fake that was written by . . . er, I mean, that completely duped a naive and gullible--yet otherwise trustworthy and unbiased [hack, hack, cough, gulp, cough again]--Dan Rather.

However, Dr. Heney Keur, of the University of Southern Northern Michigan (Rock, MI campus), has surreptitiously obtained the real memo. We at the Fruitport Snooze And Nunica Report are proud to be the first to bring this memo to light, and to you. So, here it is--fresh off a vintage 1970's selectric typewriter (er, I mean, it was fresh in 1973):

The Real Memo . . . Honest Injun

Hey, that wasn't supposed to print.

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